With age comes many changes. Most of these are not the pleasant kind, unfortunately. The most apparent signs of aging are the ones that affect your skin and facial appearance.

Growing old can take a huge toll on your skin. After you enter your 30s, your skin slowly begins to lose its tone and elasticity. This causes it to start sagging and developing age lines and wrinkles.

More and more people are looking to correct these signs of aging, which is why medical researchers have developed innovative anti-aging medicines and treatments. One of these techniques is the midface lift, a procedure that is ideal for people who want to restore their youthful appearance.

A Midface Lift Can Improve Your Appearance

This surgical procedure is one of the best options if you’re looking to give yourself a fresh, youthful look. It targets specific areas on your face such as the corners of the eyes and mouth and around the nose. Because a traditional facelift has a more general area of effect, it’s not always the best option to choose.

The midface lift procedure is an effective option for people who want to lift their drooping cheeks or other areas around the midface. It helps eliminate sagging skin and shaves years off your appearance.

How Is the Midface Lift Performed?

The midface lift is a surgical procedure that involves making small incisions in the facial tissue. The surgeon then adjusts and lifts the muscle and fat tissues in the patient’s midface, resulting in tighter and smoother wrinkle-free skin without sagging.

There are many incision techniques that surgeons typically use in their midface lift surgeries, and these will vary depending on the individual case. One option involves making small incisions along the lower lash line. These incisions give the surgeon access to the tissues underneath the lower eyelids and cheeks. In other cases, incisions are made above the ears, in the hairline.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for a Midface Lift?

If you’re looking to rejuvenate the central part of your face, then a midface lift is your best option. This defined technique produces very specific results. A midface lift is the ideal procedure for people who want to correct issues such as hollow cheeks, prominent folds in their nasal area, bags under their eyes, and sagging skin.

Any person who has a moderate amount of drop in their facial volume should consider undergoing a midface lift. It is also important to have realistic expectations in regards to your results.

Find Out if the Midface Lift Is Right for You

Interested in learning more details about the midface lift and its benefits? Want to find out if the midface lift is the best facelift option for you? If so, contact our office and set up an appointment for an informative and helpful consultation.

Dr. Andrew Compton, an experienced and respected facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, has the skill and confidence needed to give you excellent midface lift results. During your consultation, Dr. Compton will answer any questions you may have about our available facelift options.