Cheek augmentation is an outpatient procedure where silicone implants are placed inside the mouth to enhance the cheekbones. The objective of the procedure is to augment the projection of the midface if it lacks contours and to add definition to facial features.

Prominent cheekbones are considered the hallmark of beauty; however, not everyone is born with prominent cheekbones. Moreover, aging gradually flattens cheekbones, which impacts the appearance of an individual.

These cosmetic conditions can be addressed with cheek implants, which give projection to cheekbones and last for decades. The other interesting aspect of cheek implants is that the procedure is completely reversible – the implants can be removed in five minutes if the patient decides to discontinue using the implants.

Who Is the Right Candidate for Cheek Implants?

No one has a symmetrical face, and one side of the face, in most cases, is likely to be smaller or larger compared to the other side. This anomaly is often not easily noticeable. However, if the asymmetry is significant, a cheek implant can be used to correct it.

Aging reduces facial volume. As a result, the face looks weary and tired. Cheek implants can correct this volume loss and improve the contours of the face, making it healthy and youthful.

The procedure is not exclusive to those who have lost cheek volume due to age. It can also be used by those who have always had weak cheekbones. A simple cheek implant procedure can augment cheekbones, making a huge different in overall facial harmony.

Types of Cheek Implants

There are primarily three types of cheek implants: malar, submalar, and malar-submalar combined.

Malar Implants: Malar implants are performed directly on the cheekbones, and they are the most commonly used implants. The implants are placed inside the mouth through a small incision. Inserting these implants enhances the cheekbones, making the malar eminences more prominent.

Submalar Implants: These implants are placed under the cheekbones, just above the gums, to correct the hollowness of the face.

Malar-Submalar Combined Implants: In a combined procedure, the implants are placed over and below the cheekbones to improve the entire mid-facial prominence.

The Procedure

Cheek augmentation surgery is an elective procedure performed under local anesthesia. It’s a three-dimensional procedure where the implants are placed inside the mouth through a small incision.

Cheek implants can be performed in isolation or in conjunction with other facial-rejuvenation procedures, such as chin augmentation or a facelift, and cheek implantation can also be further customized depending on the requirements of the patient.


The most commonly used material for cheek implants is silicone. Cheek implants can also be made of Medpor, which is high density polyethylene, and ePTFE, or expanded polytetrafluoroethylene.

Schedule Your Cheek Augmentation Consultation

Cheek augmentation is a fairly uncomplicated procedure that improves facial definition and restores proportion to the cheeks, providing a long-term solution to counter facial aging and hollowness.

Patients need to consult with a surgeon to understand if their expectations are consistent with the scope of the procedure. The surgeon can suggest the right implant options for their requirements.

Dr. Andrew Compton, a well-respected facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, will be available to discuss your cheek augmentation procedure in greater detail. Contact us today to set up your informative consultation.