Have you been noticing the deepening of age lines and wrinkles in your skin? If so, you may be in need of a facial injectable filler to restore your skin’s smoothness. One effective option for this is Juvederm, one of the most widely used facial fillers. It is composed of hyaluronic acid (HA) and stands out from other wrinkle reducers due to its effectiveness and longevity.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that adds volume and moisture to the skin tissues. Juvederm’s hyaluronic acid is biologically similar to the hyaluronic acid already in your body, but it has been strengthened by cross-linking to keep your body from recycling it like your natural HA. It is FDA approved and very safe for use in this way.

A person’s skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid to maintain the moisture and nutrient levels in the skin cells. Over time, the skin’s ability to manufacture hyaluronic acid diminishes, causing the skin to be less able to replenish its moisture.

Juvederm is a way to supplement the body’s diminished supply of hyaluronic acid. It is made up of cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules. Once it is injected into the furrows, wrinkles, fine lines, and sunken areas of your face, it replenishes the hyaluronic acid in your skin, thereby helping you achieve a younger look.

Good Candidates for a Juvederm Treatment

If you want to improve the appearance of your facial lines or volumize your lips, then Juvederm is your best bet. Juvederm can be used to treat many areas of the face, including the creases and lines around the mouth, forehead, and nose. Not only is it used for facial contouring, it has also been shown to be effective at improving the appearance of scars, like the ones caused due to acne.

If you are looking for that subtle improvement in lip lines and definition then consider Volbella, which is a very smooth product. If you are looking for midfacial volume, consider Voluma, which is much thicker and made to support and lift the facial soft tissues more effectively.

It bears mentioning that Juvederm won’t be able to work magic if you have very loose skin or severe scarring. That being said, it is a safe and effective filler for over 90 percent of patients, and the best part about Juvederm is that you don’t have to take allergy tests before you go for the treatment. It is not a good option for patients who are pregnant or nursing.

Preparing for Your Injection Treatment

Make sure that you do not show up for the Juvederm treatment wearing make-up. You should stop taking aspirin and other anti-inflammatories two weeks before the treatment. You should also stop smoking for a couple of weeks before the treatment. If you have a history of severe allergic reactions, then you need to consult with the surgeon or a general physician to find out if you are suited for this wrinkle solution.

Juvederm Injections

Juvederm has a smooth, gel-like consistency that makes it much more comfortable than other fillers, as the doctor can use a thinner needle during injection. Your doctor will anesthetize the treatment site with a topical anesthetic before administering the injection. The filler is injected into the mid dermis or deep dermis, depending on the amount of correction that is needed. The treatment does not take more than thirty minutes. You will begin to see a distinct improvement in all these areas after you have been injected with the filler.

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