Recontour Your Neck with a Neck Lift

Recontour Your Neck with a Neck Lift

Published on January 31, 2019

Your neck has a considerable impact on the way you look. A long and slender neck turns heads and can be the confidence booster you’ve always wanted. On the other hand, a saggy neck looks anything but pretty and can drag down a person’s appearance, making them look older.

Many people with youthful-looking faces forget that a youthful face paired with an older-looking neck just doesn’t look right. Thankfully, cosmetic science has a solution that works for people who have tried almost everything to get a youthful-looking neck.

Today, surgeons all over the world perform neck lifts as part of facelift procedures. The neck lift involves removing excess skin and fat from the neck and jawline for a more slender and well-defined neck.

The Neck Lift: One Procedure, Several Benefits

The neck lift can address a number of issues, such as a poorly defined jawline, a double chin, neck wrinkles, and turkey-wattle neck.

To ensure your neck skin has enough laxity for the process, Dr. Compton will conduct a series of medical and physical tests as part of a consultation beforehand. Depending on your condition, he will decided whether or not you are a good candidate.

Preparation for the Neck Lift

Before your neck lift, Dr. Compton may recommend the following:

• Stop smoking tobacco products at least one month before the procedure.
• Stop using blood-thinning medications.
• Request a friend or a family member to drive you to the hospital and back home afterwards.
• Make sure your hospital bag includes at least one pair of loose, comfortable, and easy-to-remove clothing.
• Stock important items at home beforehand for recovery. Items include a thermometer, ice packs, towels, and ointments.

The Neck-Lift Procedure

The neck-lift procedure can take anywhere between two and three hours. To eliminate the chance of patient discomfort and pain during the procedure, anesthesia is first administered.

Dr. Compton will get rid of excess neck skin using a scalpel, remove excess fat using liposuction, and retighten the neck muscles using internal sutures. After surgery, he will use skin glue or stitches to close the incisions.

Many doctors recommend that the neck lift be performed in conjunction with another procedure such as the facelift or brow lift depending on the needs of the patient.

Post-Operative Care

• Use pillows to elevate your neck at all times.
• Avoid physically strenuous activities for at least four weeks after surgery.
• Avoid applying makeup near the stitch lines for at least a couple of days after Dr. Compton removes your stitches.
• Avoid sauna and steam baths for at least four weeks after surgery.
• Apply sunscreen before stepping out of your home.
• Avoid smoking for at least one month after the procedure.
• Start washing your hair only after the bandages are removed. Rinse your hair gently with baby shampoo.
• Steer clear of styling products such as hair gels, conditioners, and hairsprays.

Take the First Step Towards a More Beautiful Neck

For a more youthful and beautiful neck, contact the office of Dr. Andrew Compton, an experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. After arranging your consultation with Dr. Compton, you’ll be on your way to achieving the well-contoured neck you’ve been dreaming of.

"Like most people I was worried about an unnatural look after having plastic surgery, but the subtle changes that Dr. Compton provided, made a big difference in what I saw in the mirror. I have more confidence now as I am no longer thinking about my problem areas. I am very happy with the outcome, thank you Dr. Compton."

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