Hormone Replacement Therapy


Male hormone replacement therapy is the treatment of choice for testosterone deficiency. Testosterone is a hormone that plays a key role in masculine growth and development. Hormone replacement therapy in Troy helps address numerous male health and wellness concerns resulting from hormone imbalance.

Hormone replacement therapy can improve mental health, low energy, and mood. Other benefits include red blood cell stimulation, increased libido, bone density improvement, and muscle growth.

Men with low levels of testosterone can benefit from hormone replacement therapy. Some men unknowingly experience testosterone reduction at a fairly young age, while others start seeing lower levels of testosterone due to the aging process.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The best candidates for hormone replacement therapy are testosterone-deficient men experiencing significant symptoms such as muscle loss, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, extreme fatigue, and diminished bone strength. The treatment is considered risky for men who have had prostate or breast cancer.

Hormone replacement therapy is an ideal option for men who are experiencing low levels of testosterone due to unnatural causes. Males who have hypogonadism are excellent candidates. Hypogonadism is a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone.

Good candidates for male hormone replacement therapy include men with a positive outlook and realistic expectations. Candidates are typically seeking to correct low levels of testosterone that interfere with their daily activities.

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What Happens During a Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultation?

Hormone replacement therapy can be exceptionally favorable for men in certain circumstances, but it is not advised for everyone. Before attempting treatment of any kind, it is important to schedule a meeting with Dr. Andrew Compton and discuss your symptoms, nutrition, lifestyle, and physical exercise. A review of your personal and family health history will be conducted.

A male hormone replacement therapy consultation will involve diagnostic tests and a physical examination to determine whether or not you are suffering from unnaturally low levels of testosterone. The primary goal is to accurately diagnose the condition.

How Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Given?

Hormone replacement therapy typically starts with a low dose, and then Dr. Compton slowly increases the dosage over a period of months. Testosterone is administered by tablets, injections, or a gel applied to the skin. Alternative testosterone preparations are patches or pellets placed under the skin.

Dr. Compton will evaluate your testosterone levels after 3-6 months of hormone replacement therapy. Your levels will be tested once a year, and if they are sufficient, you will stay on your current dose.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Results

Hormone replacement therapy through injections provide fast results for men with low sex drive or erectile dysfunction. Normally, patients will notice results after 3 weeks. Your libido will continue to increase and maintain an ideal level with continued treatments. The improvement in erectile function takes several more weeks to appear.

After 6 weeks of hormone replacement therapy, you can expect to notice enhanced mood. Men who want better stamina and energy will see results after 3 months. After 4 months, they will notice increased muscle mass and strength, accompanied by fat reduction.

Alternative methods for hormone replacement therapy such as pellets, gels, and patches offer gradual results. The rate of absorption varies from person to person and can be affected by numerous factors, such as sweat and skin conditions.

How Much Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost?

The cost of hormone replacement therapy varies based on the treatment modality prescribed by Dr. Compton. Some health insurance providers may help to cover the price of this treatment.

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Find out more about male hormone replacement therapy in Troy by arranging a consultation with qualified and experienced physician Dr. Andrew Compton. We will be happy to help you accomplish optimal health and wellbeing, so contact us today.

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