Dr. Booger Picker

Double board certified in professional booger picking

Welcome to the official Dr. Booger Picker YouTube channel, home of Dr. Andrew Compton’s office of specialty ENT and facial plastic surgery, where he is proclaimed a “professional booger picker” on the daily. Dig around in our YouTube channel – you might just find some gold!

When it comes to a healthy post-rhinoplasty healing process, Dr. Compton “nose” what’s up! Here you will see our post-op sinus surgery, septoplasty or rhinoplasty patients at their follow up visits, where Dr. Compton performs routine debridement of the nose to remove dissolvable packing and crusting that builds up as a normal post-op reaction.

It is necessary to keep the nose clear of this crusting in order to promote healing and this is what you see on the channel! These are not normal patients with unusually giant boogers, but post-op patients with normal crusting and packing that happens to create giant boogers.

Follow along as we look at a view of the inside of the nose and learn about how large your nose really is! And if you’re looking for a rhinoplasty expert who can get you the results you deserve, Dr. Compton is the one to pick!

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