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Infant Ear Molding with EarWell

Infant Ear Molding with EarWell

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Non-Surgical Correction of Ear Deformities

Congenital ear deformities are common among newborns and are unlikely to get better on their own. It is common for parents to have some conflicting emotions about this corrective procedure, but a few weeks of treatment now can give your child permanent outer ear improvement for the rest of their life. This will help with their self esteem and self image. Ear molding is a safe and effective, painless process that will help your child’s ear form a normal shape. It is covered by most insurance carriers.

The time is NOW to permanently improve your child’s ears. If the ear deformity is not corrected as a newborn, then he/she will need to wait until the age of 4-5 years old to undergo one, maybe multiple painful surgeries to correct the deformity. While it is not an emergency, time is an important factor in this process as molding becomes less effective as time progresses.

Ideally molding should begin before 2 weeks of age which yields a 90% success rate. Starting at 6 weeks old can still be successful, but the rate for complete correction drops to 50%.

Your newborns ear cartilage is very soft at birth due to the presence of high levels of maternal estrogen present in newborns. The cartilage begins to stiffen as the child’s estrogen levels begin to decrease.

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  • Ear molding is very effective with a 90% success rate
  • Ear deformities generally do not improve on their own
  • Ear molding is NOT painful to the child
  • Ear Molding does NOT affect hearing
  • Ear Molding is generally covered by health insurance

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Dr Compton will walk you through the process of ear molding, apply the ear molding system and monitor your child periodically throughout treatment. A typical treatment consists of 3-4 EarWell applications, each one staying in place for 10-14 days.

Prepare for your first application

  • Feed and diaper your child just prior to the appointment
  • Bring a pacifier, swaddling blanket, and things to soothe your child
  • occasionally the child will cry during the procedure, but there is NOT any pain involved

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"His ears looks totally normal now! I can't believe the difference"

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