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Neck Matches My Face

Dr. Compton performed a sinus procedure, on me, this past winter, and I was so pleased with his work and demeanor. Dr. Compton and his team were prompt with appointments, friendly and answered all questions. I was so happy, in fact, that I trusted him to address my aging neck struggles, which consisted of issues with laxity, crepiness and that dreaded turkey chin/neck.

Two weeks ago, Dr Compton defined the area under my chin, sutured my platysmal bands and performed Renuvion on my neck….. and I was awake! Dr. Compton and his team kept me informed throughout the procedure and comfortable. He checked on me the next day (Saturday) and another time throughout the first few days, which was extremely reassuring.

I am just barely two weeks out and very pleased.
Neck Creams…..$$ and Blah Results
INFINI and Ultherapy… $$$$ and Painful
Dr. Compton and Renuvion…. Priceless!!

Dr. Compton performed a Balloon Sinus Dilation, to help with years of sinus headaches and turbinate dysfunction….. and I can now breathe!

Before the Procedure
I was prescribed Norco and a prescription to help calm my nerves. I heard horror stories about this procedure and I was nervous about seeing the instruments coming toward my face. I can honestly say, that I reached the proper medication level and could care less about the instruments. I was quickly sprayed and then numbed up. Dr. Compton and his team had an amazing “bedside manner”, and I was completely at ease.

The Procedure
I felt pressure at times, but no real pain. Again, the team kept me informed, as to what they were doing and were encouraging. It was so much easier than I anticipated!

After the Procedure
I felt air immediately! I had a slight headache, when I went home, but did not need any pain medication. You will have some blood drainage that first day. A handful or hours later, I felt like I had a bad hangover. I became sick a few times, which was not surprising for me, as I assume it was from the medication and drainage going down your throat. I felt better after that. The next few days, I felt very stuffy and my nose made this fun noise, which was a bonus. 🙂 I am now a week out and one side feels great and the other side is still a little stuffy, but did I mention…… I now know what it’s like to breathe!
If you are a candidate for this procedure… get it done!

– SM

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One of my rhinoplasty patients made this for me.

– (Anonymous)

Thanks for the great job you did on me. May the good Lord continue to bless you!

– TC

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– Beautiful Homemade Card

Dr Compton, Thank you for immensely for taking exceptional care! Honestly, I have never had such a wonderful surgical visit from the beginning to the very end. Odd, yes, but very comforting that a surgery would be so wonderful. I truly appreciate your genuine kindness! God bless you always.

– SS

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– Mad Tonsil, Happy Tonsil

Two months post surgery now knowing what it is like to breathe freely through my nose, I can tell anyone considering to have your deviated septum surgically repaired, to do it. It is a life changing experience. I breathe well now even when sick, I sleep better at night and have stopped getting those nasty sinus infections. Thank you Dr Compton

– RH


– Heartfelt Sentiments

I am very pleased with the results of my nasal surgery. I can breathe so well through my nose now. Dr Compton is the best.

– JC

When you removed the cast, I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw my nose. It looks so great! Thanks Dr Compton.

– MA