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What is a lip lift?

Lip lift is a small in office procedure, to permanently increase the fullness of the upper lip and improve the lip and facial proportions.

Who is a candidate for a lip lift?

Patients of any age may benefit from a lip lift based on anatomy rather than age. Patients who notice the upper lip skin is looking longer and the red portion is looking thinner may benefit from this procedure.

What is the lip lift procedure like?

It is performed by Dr Compton, in the office, with local anesthesia and oral sedation medications. The lip is shortened by removal of skin in an incision hidden in the crease between the lip and nose. The deep sutures will dissolve, and the skin sutures will be removed in 5-7 days.

What will the recovery be like after surgery?

There will be swelling of the upper lip for a few days after the procedure. We recommend ice, head elevation and you will be prescribed steroids as well. You will clean the sutures and apply ointment a few times per day. Once the sutures are removed, you will start scar cream to maximize the scar healing.

How much does a lip lift cost?

A lip lift is an in-office procedure done without a general anesthetic, so the cost is lower than many other procedures. Dr Compton’s current cost is $3,500 for it by itself, which will be reduced if done at the same time with other procedures.

Can you tell me more about the lip lift that Dr Compton performs?

The lip lift has become popular in the recent years for its powerful ability to permanently enhance the lips and restore the face to better proportions. It is an excellent option for many patients who are looking for more lip fulness, more red lip show or to reduce the vertical lip length to a more youthful appearance. While technically straightforward, when overdone or poorly executed it can be distorting and very difficult to correct. Therefore, a meticulous, detail-oriented surgeon like Dr Compton is critical to your outcome.

Dr. Compton typically performs a bullhorn subnasal lip lift as an in-office procedure with local anesthetic and sedation. The first step is measuring the lip at multiple places and analyzing what amount of lip we should leave the patient with. This is the most critical step to the success of this operation, as the saying goes, proper planning prevents poor performance (paraphrased of course). Truly though, this is where the proper proportions and the lip length are determined and to ensure this is in line with the patient’s goals. After injection the incision are made according to the markings, and any bleeding controlled. The lip skin may then be separated from the underlying muscle down the lip and even through the nasolabial folds This allows the skin to advance without bunching up the muscle. Then the second most important step occurs, the closure. Dr. Compton will close the lip in layers to ensure there is a very strong deep layer to hold all the tension. The skin closure is then meticulously closed to ensure an ideal scar.

The sutures are left in place for 5-6 days, during which you will be cleaning the incision and applying ointment. Once removed, the patient will change to scar cream for 3 months to optimize healing. Most often after this time, the incision is barely visible.

The keys to this surgery are the amount of lip left behind and the meticulous incision closure. The lip should never be left less than 11 mm, but lips in the 13-15mm length are generally the sweet spot. This will be determined prior to the procedure.

As with any surgery, complications can occur. While rare, these include infection, poor healing, visible scar, lip weakness and poor cosmetic results. Most issues are temporary and resolve within the first few months, but longer lasting issues are possible.
Call today for your consultation to discuss this transformative in office procedure.

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