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Bodytite armsPatients in need of a minimally invasive method of body contouring in order to get rid of those last deposits of fat in their arms can apply for BodyTite arms. This procedure can tone the upper arms of patients to give them more definition. For more information about BodyTite arms in Troy, contacting Dr. Andrew Compton is recommended.

What Is BodyTite Arms?

BodyTite arms is a procedure that focuses on the arms of patients and suck out the stubborn fat in those spots while also tightening the skin. This will give the arms a more sculpted look that adheres to the vision that the patients have for those areas.

This works best when no amount of diet or exercise is enough to get rid of the fat. It involves very little downtime and is also less invasive.

How Does a BodyTite Arms Work?

After using radio frequency to heat up and melt fat, BodyTite arms will then involve removing the melted fat via methods that are similar to liposuction. At the same time, the radio frequency will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which will help make the skin more elastic.

“Great job”

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Am I a Good Candidate for a BodyTite Arms?

The best candidates for BodyTite arms are patients who are struggling to get rid of the flab that are hanging off of their arms despite trying everything else. This procedure will help remove the fat without risking loose skin.

Patients would need to be in good health and have realistic expectations, however. It would also be ideal if they no longer needed to lose a significant amount of weight.

Your BodyTite Arms Consultation

Patients are encouraged to come in for a consultation if they want BodyTite arms. This will help them understand the procedure better and get better results. Their problem areas will be examined and they will also be asked about their health.

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BodyTite Arms Troy, Bloomfield, and Detroit


BodyTite Arms Results Troy, Bloomfield, and Detroit

6 month post-op Bodytite arms

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Your BodyTite Arms Session

Small incisions will be made around the problem areas of the patient during their BodyTite arms session. The radio frequency will then be applied to melt the stubborn fat. Once this is done, the fat is removed via small tubed and the skin is tightened, at the same time.

After the fat has been sucked out and the skin has been tightened, the incisions are then closed. Compress garments are then used to keep the affected areas from being disturbed.

BodyTite Arms Aftercare

Patients will be advised to rest their arms after a BodyTite arms procedure. The compression garments will need to be kept up in order to keep the affected stable. Some bruising, tenderness, and discomfort can also be expected during the recovery period. After several weeks, the arms will have healed fully.

How Much Does a BodyTite Arms Cost?

There are several factors that can affect the cost of a BodyTite arms procedure. Prices can vary depending on the scope of the procedure and any additional treatment involved.

Contact Us to Learn More

Patients are advised to contact Dr. Compton if they want to ask questions regarding BodyTite arms. The procedure can be discussed during consultations along with any additional details.

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