Restylane logoRestylane® is a popular injectable dermal filler that can smooth away wrinkles and add volume to your lips and cheeks. This versatile, natural-looking, and long-lasting treatment can help you reclaim a youthful look. Visiting our office for Restylane® in Troy can be a great step toward looking and feeling your best.

What Is Restylane®?

Restylane® is a clear hyaluronic-acid-based gel that can add plumpness and volume when it is injected into your skin. We can use Restylane® to add fullness to your lips and fill in moderate-to-deep wrinkles to rejuvenate your appearance.

Female patient receiving Restylane injection to her lips

Am I a Good Candidate for Restylane®?

If you’re a healthy adult who wants to diminish the appearance of wrinkles or add fullness to areas of your face, then you should be a good candidate for Restylane®. Most first-time patients seek treatment in their late 20s and 30s to mitigate early signs of aging. If you have a bleeding disorder, we may suggest an alternative treatment option.

What Does a Restylane® Treatment Session Involve?

Restylane® treatments are administered in our office. The procedure typically takes less than an hour to complete.

After the patient is comfortably seated, their skin will be cleansed and a numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area. Once it has taken effect, a fine needle will be used to inject Restylane® filler into the skin. Next, we will lightly massage the injection site to evenly distribute the filler and reduce the chance of swelling.

What to Expect After a Restylane® Treatment

After a Restylane® treatment, no recovery process is required. Common side effects include itching, bruising, redness, swelling, discomfort, and tenderness around the treatment area; these should resolve within a week.

Your practitioner may advise you not to touch the treatment area for at least six hours and to avoid drinking alcohol and engaging in strenuous activities for at least one full day.

As you heal, you should avoid taking medications that could encourage bruising and bleeding at the injection site. You should also stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen whenever you go outside.

“Great job”

I felt pressure at times, but no real pain. Again, the team kept me informed, as to what they were doing and were encouraging. It was so much easier than I anticipated!

– A.

Restylane® Results

Most patients will notice visible results immediately and see complete results within two weeks of treatment. The cheeks, lips, and mouth may respond most quickly to treatment.

As Restylane® fills in lines and wrinkles, it will instantly add volume and fullness to your skin. The gel will draw moisture to your skin and help it feel more resilient.

Restylane® filler may last six to eighteen months, depending on which area of the face is treated. Cheek and wrinkle treatments tend to last longer than lip treatments.

Your Restylane® will be performed by Dr. Andrew Compton at Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital, West Bloomfield surgery center or in his office in Troy.

How Much Does Restylane® Cost?

The cost of Restylane® treatments varies based on the specifics of your procedure. Restylane® is priced per syringe, and most clients receive two or three syringes of filler per treatment area to achieve optimal results.

Contact Our Office

Restylane® treatments are a wonderful way to reclaim and maintain a fresh-faced appearance. To learn more about Restylane® in Troy, reach out and schedule a consultation.

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