Eyelash hypotrichosis is a condition in which a person does not have enough eyelashes. LATISSE™ solution is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis with the ability to not only grow eyelashes, but also make them longer, thicker, and darker.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Latisse™

Where can I purchase this product?

LATISSE™ is a prescription medication that can only be prescribed by a physician. It will require an appointment with a qualified physician to evaluate your eyelashes before beginning treatment.

When can I start to see results?

The majority of LATISSE™ users saw a significant improvement by two months.

Are there special instructions if I wear contacts?

As a precaution, contact lenses should be removed during the application of LATISSE™ as they can absorb an ingredient in solution. It is recommended wait 15 minutes after application before replacing them.

Is it okay to wear mascara while using LATISSE™?

Yes, you can continue to use mascara while using the LATISSE™ solution.

LATISSE™ is a daily application, what if I miss a dose?

LATISSE™ is prescribed as a daily application. If a dose is missed, just apply LATISSE™ the next evening. The best way to ensure success with a schedule is to make applying the LATISSE™ solution part of your everyday routine, like brushing your teeth or removing your makeup. It is important to note that using LATISSE™ more than once a day will not increase the growth of eyelashes.

What should I do if I get LATISSE™ in my eye?

This product is not expected to cause any harm. It is recommended that you don’t rinse your eye. In addition, you should be careful to keep the tip of the bottle or applicator from touching your fingers, objects, or other surfaces in order to prevent contamination.

What if I choose to stop using LATISSE™?

Over a period of several weeks to months, your lashes are expected to return to their previous appearance with discontinuation of this product.

To see more “before and after” pictures, you can visit the link below and learn more about this new cosmetic enhancement.

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