Female Revision Rhinoplasty:
Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Compton, Troy, MI

Case #3060

This patient had a difficulty breathing after a nasal and septal fracture as well as a change to the outside appearance of the nose. She was found to have a deviated septum obstructing 90% of her airway as well as an acquired nasal deformity from the trauma.

She underwent a open rhinoplasty with septal reconstruction during which the end of the septum was detached and reattached with use of a PDS foil to straighten the tip of the nose and septum. The tip was supported with a columellar strut, the hump was reduced and osteotomies were performed to straighten the bridge. Cartilage grafts were also placed in the tip to improve tip shape.

She is breathing great and very happy with her cosmetic result.

Individual Results May Vary