Female Revision Rhinoplasty:
Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Compton, Troy, MI

Case #3629

This patient had a septal perforation and a saddle nose deformity, droopy tip from previous rhinoplasty done many years ago. She had recently undergone a failed septal perforation repair prior to coming to see Dr. Compton. She was having recurrent bleeding from her 1x1cm septal perforation as well as nasal obstruction and was unhappy with the drooping nasal tip. She underwent an open revision rhinoplasty with extracorporeal septoplasty, and septal perforation repair using a composite conchal cartilage graft. In other words, I removed all septal cartilage, restructured onto a dissolving piece of suture material known as a PDS plate and reinserted it into the nose to reconstruct the septum. Part of the cartilage used to reconstruct the septum came from the ear cartilage. I then re-supported the tip with a columellar strut and used some of the remaining cartilage to redefine the tip, fill in some irregularities on the bridge of the nose. She did great and was breathing better, perforation was 100% closed. Her nostrils were still too large at this point so we did an alar base reduction to reduce the nostril flare at a second procedure date. The photos shown are after this secondary procedure. She is very happy with these results and is doing great.

Individual Results May Vary