Male Cosmetic Rhinoplasty:
Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Compton, Troy, MI

Case #3112

This gentlemen had received many previous nasal fractures while playing football and could not breathe at all through his nose. His nose was severely twisted with a septum that was completely obstructing both sides. His external nose was also very large even with him being a very tall man. He wanted this reduced to fit his face while his nose was being reconstructed for breathing. He underwent a major reconstructive rhinoplasty that included an extracorporeal septoplasty. This means that I removed all of the fractured pieces of the septum from his nose. I then sutured them all together on an absorbable plate and reinserted this into the nose. I also reduced his hump, and reconstructed his internal nasal valves and deviated nasal bones.

The patient moved 1 month after surgery so these are only 1 month out from surgery so he is still swollen. Even this early, you can see the major transformation of his nose. He stated that he was breathing better than he can ever remember and is very pleased.

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